19 januari 2018 - Preselectie 1 - Nosta - Opwijk

24 maart 2018 - Halve Finale 1 - Trix - Antwerpen

De mening van de jury

'Zij had iets, hij was irritant'
'Ik had het liever in het Frans gehoord'
'De eerste groep die voor hits ging'


vocals: Lauve (23)

bass, electronics, keys: Fab DuBard (30)


Born in Brussels in March 1994, Lauve soon develops a melancholic and contemplative character. At school, although she’s a very good student, she often gets noticed for her provocative and shocking attitude. If teen Lauve appears so sulfurous, it’s because she suffers from the current evil of the decade: a lack of orientation, doubts about the future and great disillusionment. Feeling trapped in the world around her, she packs up at the age of 18 and joins various rock bands in which she plays the bass. P.∆.N.T.H.E.R is an electronica Belgian duo, founded in 2016 and consisting of singer, Laura Davidt aka Lauve and producer and multi-instrumentalist, Fab DuBard. That’s when she meets Fab DuBard who, after many years on the road playing rock music, now works on new songs in a genre he loved so much as a teenager – 80s electropop. A great complicity comes from that meeting. After long conversations about the music they love, their professional ambitions and more generally about their vision of music, they soon discover a complementarity: if Lauve needs a songwriter, Fab needs a singer for his newly created tracks. P.∆.N.T.H.E.R is born. In September 2016, they work together in their apartment that quickly turned into a studio. They spend long hours working on the lyrics, messing around with synths and sounds and trying to find the right formula for their project. In January 2017, they go into a studio to work on their first EP to be released soon.

mailto: officielpanther@gmail.com

Website: http://www.facebook.com/pantherofficiel

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