Sir Bear


16 februari 2018 - Preselectie 9 - De Posthoorn - Hamont-Achel

De mening van de jury

'Nerdrock is mijn ding niet'
'Het hing met haken en ogen aan elkaar'
'De toetsenman ging er wel voor'


bass, drums, guitars, keys, percussion, vocals: Sir Bear (29)

Sir Bear is a new project, started at the end of 2016. After years of playing in rockbands, punkbands, and even acoustic non-bands I wanted to start something fresh. A fresh band, really crispy, and real salty. Months of searching in vain for fresh, crispy, salty people went by. I was hungry, so I decided to just go at it alone.

So here it is. And it'll keep on coming.

Have a taste, have a listen.


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